Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dog-n-Jog 2011

I've been busy today, working on this year's DNJ logo for HSGKC! 
This was my original sketch (I submitted it for AU last year):
   So I needed to change the text that the leash spelled, and the cat didn't make sense anymore, since DNJ is a dog-only event (you don't see many people running with cats!) And also... C'mon, it's a quick sketch... it needed some serious redrawing.
Here are my first couple of refined sketches with rough color:
And the final linework in progress:
And a couple of color options (fewer colors = cheaper printing):
The lettering still needs work, but overall I dig it! Do you?
   By the way, if you want to win this year, you'd better start training, because Aki and Tay and I have been on the podium three times in three years and we are gunning for you! We ran 4 miles last Friday, and 4.51 miles last night with energy to spare... so get registered and start fundraising, and we'll see you on the Plaza on June 12.