Monday, February 14, 2011


   Please enjoy this festive photo of three of my favorite coworkers, Ginny, Kim and Dave on one of the three days it's acceptable to wear that much red (Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Cheifs' Red Fridays. When the Chiefs are good. Which has not been the norm in my experience).
   Tonight I will be joining my good friends John and Michele for our weekly ritual of watching this idiot make a fool of himself. Really, in all of America you couldn't find a single dude better than Brad? TWICE?!? Every time he opens his mouth I think he's had a lobotomy.
   The show gives us plenty to laugh about. Michele's "Michelle" lookalike stunt last week was classic. Too bad John's hand got there in time to protect her identity!
   Mich—oops! I mean "Brad"—surprised me tonight by thoughtfully leaving a card and a giant blown-glass rose just for me. I thought it would be funny to take a seductive photo with it, and it was...
    ...except that the rose is over 15" long, and VERY heavy, and it nearly pulled out all my teeth. John and Michele, my lawyer should contact you within three business days.
Love you guys!!! Happy Valentine's Day!