Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long day, but I made it

   I'm working through some difficult challenges at work, and I enjoy challenges, but they have been mounting to the point where it is becoming draining. I was so looking forward to heading to yoga on my way home; Mary Ann took care of the pets for me, so I wasn't in a hurry. Well, neither was the traffic... it took me nearly an hour just to get to the highway. Every minute that went by, I knew my chances for doing yoga tonight were melting away. "No big deal," I thought. "It's 50 degrees. I'll just run with the dogs when I get home."
   And run we did: I am REALLY digging this Nano/iFit that Mom gave me for my birthday. It talks to me throughout my run, giving me updates on time and distance, and it tracks pace and calories as well. We ran another 3.25 miles, in addition to Friday's 4.5 and Sunday's 3.5. Dog-n-Jog, here we come!
   Aaand then I got home and realized how filthy the dogs were. They were covered in gross, black water and salt, remnants from recent weather. As soon as we got back in the house, they shook, spraying grime all over the floors, door and walls. Sigh. I had to bathe them tonight. That set me back on my plan to get right to work on finishing the DNJ logo so I could send it to Robin. But the dogs were clean and happy and smelled better, so... win!
   On my way upstairs, I noticed I had a voice mail. Big mistake to check it: it was Citibank informing me that my account had been compromised, and after a frustrating string of automated voice prompts which were unintelligible, I finally got a woman on the phone... who was also unintelligible. I finally was able to understand what to do and set about that work.
   I didn't get to my artwork tonight, and I'm disappointed but too exhausted to keep working. The good news is that it was a long day, but I made it. As the elder guy on the dive boat in Maui said, "Any dive where you come up at the end is a good dive." Same with life sometimes. Just keep kicking.
   * Update: Britten tipped me off that Snow Creek's credit card system had been hacked, so that's the likely place that someone got a hold of my number.