Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Tay: John's Photos

   John Cobb, one of Carrie's friends who met us after the race, took these awesome photos of Taylor. I think John really captured his personality—and as you can see, Taylor ate up all the extra attention!
Awww, somebody had fun today!
Carrie and her borrowed dog Roscoe were looking good, too!
   True story: a woman pulled up next to us DURING THE RUN (about 2 miles in) to ask about Taylor's breed. As a runner, she was looking for an active dog. I told her about MSIR & suggested she Google "Shiba rescue" to find us.  
   A few days later, Bonnie emailed me to see if I'd perform a home evaluation for someone who just submitted an application. I looked at her email address and saw that she worked for Hallmark. Cool. So I sent her an invitation for coffee so we could meet prior to the home evaluation. Aaaand.... (drum roll, please).... when I saw her at our cafe, I realized that it was Jill, from the race!!! LOL
    Anyway, I will do the home eval when I'm back from vacation, but I can pretty much tell you she's approved based on our conversation. She is very knowledgeable & is willing to wait for just the right dog. How cool is that?!  SMALL WORLD!!!!!!