Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day, Westport Style

   This morning Taylor and I headed to Westport for the 33rd annual race (our first in this one), shortly after stealthily sneaking out of the house so as not to upset Aki. I would have loved to run with both dogs, but knew this was going to be a large crowd, with people in goofy costumes and an emcee and music on loudspeakers, etc. and Aki doesn't love to be in that environment. Tay does. So I gave her a chew treat & we tiptoed out. I believe this is the first time the dogs have been separated since I adopted Tay almost 3 years ago!
   At the event I met up with Carrie and Roscoe (her friend's doberman), Elizabeth, Lauren, Rachel, John, Danielle, Abby. Carrie had gone to Party City to buy shamrock necklaces, green visors, and glitter body tattoos for everyone! We did our best to keep warm, since it was in the low 40s and windy, but sunny. A perfect day for running! We started the race together but quickly broke up in the crowd.
   Tay was on such an adrenaline rush that he literally dragged me for about the first mile and a half. He was pulling and lurching forward while I was running at top speed and desperately trying to hold him back. I knew he'd run out of steam! And he did, right around Mile 2. No matter—he was a trooper and finished the race strong. Throughout the run, he got a lot of smiles from fellow races and from spectators. A couple of runners even talked to me DURING the race, inquiring about his breed. I love it when active people are interested in Shibas because they really can be very athletic... just ask my guys!
   We finished the 4.42 mile race (not the 4 they promised!) in 38:15, #1240 overall. Slow, yes, but we were there to have fun, and now I have a time to beat next year. Tay was just happy to get his own bottle of water and to meet more of his adoring fans after the race (including a tiny toddler girl who SQUEALED when she saw him and hugged him and laughed when he licked her face and hands), while I enjoyed my banana and choco milk. This race was so fun, with the crazy costumes and friendly runners. I'd definitely do it again!
   When we got home, Taylor enjoyed a victory tummy-scratch:
   I treated my tummy to something even better... Oklahoma Joe's!