Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poor Pitiful Puppies

   After the race, Taylor and I headed to Crest to pick up my lil' Scooter, recovering from yesterday's knee surgery. She was not the doped-up, listless pup that I thought she'd be... she was perky, excited to see me, and ready to go—despite the fact that her cast is as big as she is. #@$%*!! I have to keep her quiet & confined for at least 6 weeks, and she'll need a full 3-4 month recovery before her second surgery. That's a long time to keep a 7-month old from re-injuring her leg! Good thing she's cute enough to be worth the effort, as are her sisters, who had their surgeries on Thursday.
   How pathetic are these girls? VERY, I hope, because we need to convince people to help us raise $3000 to cover their vet bills, so that they can all go to loving new homes debt-free! If you can help, please contact us through the MSIR website.
Sore, but still happy!
Zoey (formerly Piggy) looking smart in her super cone
Poor Zoey
Skeeter the brat won't keep her cast on; chewed it off despite the cone!
   I'm thinking we should just go for the full poodle cut on all 3 of them, don't you? Why stop at the legs?