Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stop me before I adopt again!!!

   Skeeter & Piggy left with Kathy before I got home from work tonight, so that they could have their knee surgery tomorrow. She was going to pick up Scooter, too, but I elected to keep her for two more nights and drop her off at the vet on my way to work on Friday morning. She is still very shy but is making progress every day—Andrea came over last night to meet everyone, and stayed for dinner and snuggled with Scooter, which made a marked difference in Scooter's confidence and activity level today. Yay!
   The plan is for Scooter to get her first knee surgery, then come back to my house for the 6-week recovery, then get her second surgery, then presumably come back to me to finish healing. That is, unless someone we trusted were to adopt her during that time to get through the recovery themselves. That's if I can let her go...
Taylor and his Mini-Me