Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Kaiju Cometh! かいじゅうが来ますよ。

Meet Kaiju Eyezon
    I started studying Japanese around 2003 for a couple of reasons. First off, I had not yet visited Japan and desperately wanted to do so, but was apprehensive because if I didn't know the language, I was afraid I'd waste precious time on the trip being lost. Secondly, I dreamed of showing my work at a gallery in Japan someday and figured I'd need to know the language to work it out.
   So I studied for 5 long years, once or twice a week in the evenings during regular semesters, on top of a very full-time work schedule, and put in 8-12 hours per week on completing the homework assignments. I also worked with a private tutor over the summers. When I think about the amount of effort it required, it's hard for me to think of how I managed it all. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible if I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. It really is a fascinating and challenging language to learn, and you simply have to put in the time.
   Flash forward to winter 2010. First, my plush renditions of Hallmark's founder's grandsons made its way to Japan for the company's 100th anniversary. Then my friend (and co-founder of Super 7 Magazine) Mark Nagata contacted me to see if I'd participate in a show he was putting together... that would be traveling to Japan. AND my work will be alongside my favorite vinyl toy designer, Touma!!! Blew my mind! Check out my collection.
   I'll post more pics of my three plush submissions soon. Here's the press release:

"Celebrating Max Toy Company’s 5th Anniversary, on April 2nd & 3rd, 2011 there will be a group art show at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The show will feature art by Japanese and Western artists, each using Max Toy characters,  Captain Maxx or Lady Maxx as their subjects. There will also be exclusive toys, prints and more!  Artists confirmed include: Japan: TOUMA / KAIJIN / NAWOKI KARASAWA / HARIKEN / YOSHIHIKO MAKINO / TAKESHI ONAKA / NAMIKO SONOBE / TERESA / JoBo;LuBo / MIROC / TULIP / REN OTORI / TOMOE and more to be announced! Global: RALPH COSENTINO / SEBASTIAN CURADEAU / HELENA GARCIA / DANIEL GOFFIN / MARK NAGATA / JEN RAREY/ MATT WALKER and more to be announced!
Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo (map). The work will also be featured in Play Times Magazine and Hyper Hobby Magazine

The celebration and show continues, traveling to Double Punch Gallery and Store in San Francisco, California, on April 23rd , 2011 for the US premiere. Also on April 23rd at Double Punch will be the " In Living Kolor, San Francisco " tour event !!! Featuring Matt Walker / Dead Presidents Designs, the event will include many custom figure artists, all painting live with Monster Kolor paint for the first time in the US !!!  This is the perfect chance to see these amazing artists at work and to try your hand at using Monster Kolor!"
My bio:
趣味は、旅行、スキューバダイビング、ヨガ、そして2匹の柴犬(アキとテイラー)と、山にハイキングに行く事。 日本の文化や、キャラクターデザインが大好きで、近年は日本語の勉強もしている(すごいね。)