Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to the Future... I mean, the Pet Expo

   I met Ginny and her mom, Sheryl, at the Overland Park international trade center today and we checked out the Pet Expo together. (I was supposed to be volunteering for MSIR at the expo at the American Royal all weekend, but that event was cancelled... and we didn't have a booth at this new expo. Maybe next year!) So I dragged my Shibas along. And I say "dragged" because neither was in a great mood to put up with all the people, dogs, noise and chaos. But they did alright overall.
   I entered Aki in a "stay" competition against about a dozen other dogs. The rules are simple: put your dog in a sit or down and step backward, telling them to stay. Then some volunteers walk between you and your dog, tempting them by bouncing tennis balls, dropping treats, etc. Aki did well (I think she was 4th place overall), but an Australian Shepherd took the prize.
Check this out: my dogs drive a Delorean on the weekends!
   For some reason, the original DeLorean from Back to the Future was there, and we were allowed to sit in it for photos. Aki was mad at Taylor for hogging the driver's seat. Then it was Ginny and Sheryl's turn...
   Aki says, "Whoa, that's the biggest Shiba I've ever seen!" Actually, it was an Akita named Jackson. He howled just like Taylor.
   This expo was put on by a totally different group than last year, so it was starting from scratch: very good, but I'm sure will be even better next year! The organizer did a fantastic job and was SUPER friendly! We really liked her.
   On the way home, this happened: my tire blew about a mile away. I made it limp slowly into the driveway and called AAA. I'm having seriously bad CARma lately: had two flats last week (slow leaks that I haven't fixed yet), and now this, which needs a patch. This is when I hate cars.
   But on the bright side, when I picked up my mail, I apparently can save $88,500 by purchasing a $19 magazine subscription. I'd be stupid NOT to! That will pay for MANY new tires. Thank you, Alert Diver Magazine!