Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

   Well, SOMEONE seems to be settling right into her new foster home, doesn't she? Lil' Scooter looks so happy in these photos David shared with me. She is one lucky pup. (And of course her big sister, Swifty is, too!) 
   Here's another happy MSIR alumni... Miss Polly, whom I transported from the airport last year. She always had a great smile, but how happy and content does she look here? The man who adopted her last year posted this in the Great KC Pet Expo's Facebook page and I happened to catch it. I sent him a note and he said that they are "stone-cold crazy about her." And suddenly my smile was as big as Polly's.  :)
   Joahnna, another MSIR volunteer, created this slideshow of recent adoptees. And though my guys aren't that recent, they still made an appearance. Love to see dogs find their happy new homes, especially when you just know that it was meant to be. I feel that way about my sweet, spoiled pups.