Friday, April 1, 2011


   Scooter is getting bigger now that she's being well cared for and is getting regular meals, but the cats could still kick her butt. And they look especially menacing with those glowing yellow eyes, don't they? Despite her pint-size, she roars whenever anyone walks past her cage if she has food in there. We're shaking, Scooter. Really.
   Miss Scooter is feeling TOO good following her knee surgery on 3/11, and I'm having trouble containing her boundless energy. Despite being on a short leash in the yard, she tries to run and pounce on sticks, tennis balls, and Taylor. We're going to the vet early tomorrow to have her leg checked—it looks like she opened the wound a bit.
   The update is that her knee seems to be healing fine... I just have to control her energy for eight. more. weeks. She really is an awesome dog, with a hilarious personality. She plays like a cat: pouncing on my guys from behind, and when they spin around and roar, she hits the deck and rolls over submissively. It's all an act, though: she soon rights herself and starts smacking at their noses with her front feet. She's no Shiba: she's a Boxer!!! She knows exactly how far she can push Aki's buttons without getting herself into real trouble. Aki and Taylor ADORE her. And me? Well, I don't need a third dog.
"Whap! Whap! Whap!!!"