Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: Another Match Made in Heaven!

   I don't know why it took so long to dawn on me, but this week I realized that Scooter wasn't the only mini Shiba I'd ever seen... I bumped into a fellow Hallmark employee last fall at Hallmarket, and he had the adorable Swifty with him (that's her, above). So I emailed a mutual friend, Tina, to get his name and fired off an email to David with my favorite Scooter photo and crossed my fingers...
   So we met to talk, and it sounded like an absolutely perfect match, since both girls are petite, young, active and friendly. Not to mention, both look like adorable stuffed toys conceived by a Japanese designer, rather than real life animals. If you need proof, just check out Swifty's baby photo:
   David seemed really excited, so of course I was as well. I had decided from Day 1 that Scooter would go to only the most perfect of homes, and I'd keep her until I found the right one, no matter how long it took. Well, it didn't take long! David came over with Swifty today, and as we suspected, they were fast friends. Scooter had a chance to stretch her legs and the two of them wrestled and played in the dining room, then in the backyard.
   David will most likely adopt Scooter next weekend. I'm really going to enjoy the next few days with her, knowing that she's going to a perfect home with a good buddy and an owner who will adore her as much as I do. (And from the looks of it, maybe even more.) THIS is why I volunteer!