Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Warrior

This Easter Sunday was much like last year's...

Woke up before the crack of dawn
And thought, "I need to tend the lawn."
And thus began my busy day
In the yard with Ak & Tay.

I hoisted ladders, lifted rocks,
gave the dogs their daily walk,
Moved 400 pounds of dirt,
Dug until my back was hurt.

Pulled willow branches from the eaves.
Ate lunch (but just a small reprieve!)
I couldn't take the time to rest--
There was rain in the forecast!

Scooped the poop, planted flowers, 
Used up all the daylight hours.
Dropped stuff in the compost bin.
(I could use a shot of gin!)

Raked, mowed, mulched, seeded,
gutters cleaned, beds weeded,
dogs washed, birds fed—
is it time to go to bed???