Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dogs + Dogwoods

   I continued my Easter tradition this year: wake up early, drink coffee and read the paper as the sun rises, then take the dogs for a walk in Antioch Park. The park is beautiful in Spring, and though the cherry blossoms and magnolias have gone, the dogwoods are at their peak.
I had never noticed this memorial stone, just under the white dogwood in the arboretum.  (Until recent months, it's been under snow!) There's  a park named after Stoll South of here. I tried to research him online but couldn't find him. Only sites about the park turn up.
   And on the way home, I couldn't resist stopping at Panera to get a couple of treats. (Hey, it's a holiday and they were open! It was a sign.) Chocolate pastry & my favoritest food in the world, baked egg souffle with cheese, spinach and bacon!
   I stopped at the grocery store, too, to get the ingredients for homemade pizza, which I think is going to be my Easter dinner. Can't wait. Off to get a bunch of yardwork done, including filling in and seeding the swimming pool Aki has been digging in the backyard... have a great holiday!
   P.S. Speaking of Shibas, David sent this new photo of Swifty giving Scooter a kiss!