Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hooligan Wannabe

   Having seen Bruno Mars & Janelle Monae perform this year on the Grammys, there was NO WAY in *h* I was going to miss their show in Kansas City. And I expect the crowd will be wilder here, given that Miss Monae hails from KCK. "Tightrope" is one of the catchiest songs ever, and watching her dance in the video is sublime. Last weekend when I did my long run, it came on my iPod on the home stretch, and despite being ridiculously tired, I had to fight the urge to spin around and try out her moves on the sidewalk. The energy is infectious and makes me think I might actually be a good dancer, which clearly isn't the case. It was a busy street and I didn't want to cause a car crash, and besides, this isn't "Glee."
   I saw this photo in Thursday's paper. As if I weren't already over the moon about seeing the show. "Hooligans in Wondaland" is the third and final ticket in the ticketpalooza I purchased weeks ago. Guess I need to get online and line up the next round, eh? Hard to imagine I could top this one.
   The show was originally scheduled to be at the Uptown Theater, but was recently moved to the Independence Events Center—to make more room for a larger-than-expected turnout. I'm heading out in a few minutes to join the Hooligans...
   To read up on the previous shows, click here for B.O.B./One Republic, and here for Diddy Dirty Money.