Friday, June 10, 2011

Wildlife Surprise

   When I let the dogs out in the yard this afternoon, I walked around a bit, enjoying how big and wild my flower beds are starting to look. Now that my plants have been established for a few years, they're really filling in nicely. As I stood near the blueberry bush, I heard a rustling and looked down just in time to see a juvenile rabbit dart under the deck. Awesome. Now I have rabbits living under there, in addition to the possum (oh yes, she's back!)
   Later, I let the dogs out for one last time before going to bed. Taylor came right in, as always. Aki lagged. I called for her again. No answer. I stepped out on the deck and called. No answer. Hmm. I went into the house to get a flashlight. I stepped into the yard and could just barely hear and see Aki circling the bushes at the back of the yard. She literally started walking around the bushes on her back legs, like she was in the circus or something. I heard rustling up in the bush. Aki knew something was in there, and now I did too. I hoped it wasn't too big, or wanted to kill me. It creeped me out a little. Then I heard a hiss and knew immediately that there was a baby possum in there somewhere. I grabbed Aki by the harness and led her inside.
   How is it that these wild animals are so stupid that they hang out in MY yard? And how is it that I, an animal lover, ended up with a dog that I also love, but who wants to kill anything she can catch?
   I came inside and couldn't wait to draw this idea... before and after I turn on my flashlight.