Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Hallmark Moments: Grossest Plague Ever

   This fiend is the second giant cockroach I've seen in as many days at work. The one yesterday attacked Stephen, running straight at him and deftly maneuvering around his stomping feet and then running at me, prompting an uncharacteristic girly scream. (From me. Stephen had much more composure.) What can I say, I was afraid it would fly up in my face!
   Today this guy ran at me and dodged my foot, then attempted to take Ginny down, so I had to do what I had to do. Not only are these things fast, they're big enough to hoist me over their filthy, disgusting heads and haul me to their lairs, where all the other giant cockroaches will begin chanting to their god and then toss me into the crater of an active volcano as a small but sufficient offering.
   My cute, brand-new Sachelle flats may never be the same, but at least Ginny and I lived to tell the tale, without the slightest singe of lava.