Sunday, August 7, 2011

MSIR Success Stories

   Wondering why I enjoy volunteering so much? Here are two reasons from this weekend:
   I took Raven to her new forever home yesterday, and the family was over the moon. They just love her, and her personality is a great fit for them. She walked into their home as if she had always been there and greeted everyone immediately, which is a little unusual for a Shiba; they tend to be aloof with strangers. Well, no one told Raven! I stayed with them for a couple of hours and completed the home evaluation & the contract, then said farewell to my foster pup.
   Less than 3 hours later, Monica texted me:
   Monica: She has us all wrapped around her little paw. All rules have pretty much been thrown out the door. She is going to be spoiled rotten I am afraid. We are already head over heels in love with her. Thank you.
    Me: And you guys are exactly the reason I volunteer.  Enjoy her! She's a very lucky dog! :)
    Monica: We are the lucky ones. She has brought us joy again.
(The family had lost both of their beloved dogs recently, so adopting was a big step.)

   And today she texted to say that Raven was doing great, and they had already started talking about adopting a second dog so that she will have a buddy. A match made in heaven!
   This one was bittersweet, because I've decided that Raven needs to be my last foster for a while. I'm feeling emotionally drained from having so much going on this year, and I need to start cutting back in order to do a better job with the things I'm choosing prioritize. It's not really what I want, but for now, it's what's best for me, my own animals, and my long-term sanity. Caring for four of my own animals can be challenge enough. (And I'm not dying to be labeled as a hoarder.)
   The other cool news I got this morning was from the owner of Polly, who I fostered a while ago. He found my Polly videos on Youtube and left some super-sweet comments:
   USAlvr:   "Polly has been in our family now for about a year and a half. We're crazy about her and have uploaded some videos of her on our YouTube account. Come take a look. Thanks MSIR for bringing us together.
  And with stories like that, you can imagine, it has been a fantastic weekend. Hope yours was, too.