Monday, August 8, 2011

Things That Make You Say 'Huh'

   Ben Huh visited work last year to give a great talk on memes, viral videos, and social media. I found him to be both fun and fascinating, a big-thinker who was extremely down-to-earth. What a treat. My friend (and one of my favorite photographers!), Carlo, sent me a link to a wardrobe smackdown: GQ named him #10 on their list of worst-dressed men of Silicon Valley. But he lives in Seattle... and did they not see the awesome t-shirt above? The guy has fun glasses and wears his iPod Nano as a watch! Too cool for you, GQ?
   I am impressed by Ben's ingenuity and his sense of humor, and will forever be a fan, because over dinner he encouraged me to keep beating the social media drum at work, and shared some ideas. Also, he's the guy behind cheezburger network and failblog, so he's got that going for him. Which is nice. Go Ben!
   And by the way, the billboard fail that I posted back in APRIL is still out there in the world, along 31st street near Southwest Boulevard. AND they added a second, matching, WRONG billboard across the street from it. Which I'm pretty sure qualifies as an epic fail.
You want DESERT with that?