Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sulky Shiba

   The dogs often hang out outside all weekend, when the weather's nice. They really enjoy it (partly because they can run off all the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and the like).
   So while I was outside grilling barbequed pork chops, I glanced up to see that Mr. Taylor had gone up to the top level of the deck--the closest vantage point to the grill surface--to see if he could nap a chop. He was standing there sticking his head through the railing and leaning forward expectantly. At some point he admitted defeat and laid down, sulking like a child. So funny!
   And while I was eating dinner (with the dogs stashed safely outside), Gypsy was all over me, trying to get the pork. It reminded me of a comedian I heard years ago, who joked about beef-flavored cat food in a bag that promised that it "satisfied a cat's natural craving for beef." And then went on to paint the picture of cats stalking cattle in the fields. Apparently Gypsy would prefer to stalk hogs.