Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bittersweet Farm: Beauty in the Details

A Honey of a Comb
Spinning the Frames
Resisting the Urge to Lick the Honey on the Frame & Risk Being Ejected
Spun Honey
The Looms of the Bee's Fruit
Honey Harvest
The Bee Equivalent of the Sistine Chapel
Chock Full o' Honey
Cut Combs
Nature's Design
To find Bittersweet Farm (and to buy some honey, if you're lucky),
   Huge thanks to Mark & Becky for graciously hosting such an amazing day on their farm. I learned a lot and had a ton of fun! Thanks also to Patty & Bob for inviting me to join the fun. And to Robert, Mary, Zoey, Jane, the other two Marks, and everyone else on the farm that I had the pleasure to meet today, best wishes to you all.