Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Yin and Yang of Cooking

   It's barely 60 degrees here, which feels COLD after the heat wave we've had all summer. But it's nice, because it was a great night to stay in and make chili... Sweet potato-black bean-chicken chili, to be exact. With fresh spinach, split peas and lentils. And topped with feta. One of those dishes that is so easy & delicious that you think to yourself, "There is no WAY that this could be good for me!" But, oh yes, it IS!
   ...As opposed to the chocolate chip banana bread with toasted pecans. Full of butter and sugar... but I wanted to take something really yummy for the Honey Crew this morning, and this recipe's a proven winner. So I baked up a double batch late last night, so it would be fresh. Double batch? Yep, I saved a little for myself for breakfast this week. And dessert tonight. And... I should probably eat some more chili!
   While I was cooking, the pups snuggled up in their beds and enjoyed the warmth in the kitchen. So cute and snuggly...