Monday, September 5, 2011

Wayne's Labors on Labor Day

  Madeline & her parents, Diane & Wayne (aka "my KC family") invited me over for Labor Day Homemade Pizzafest 2011. I traded texts with Madeline earlier in the day:
Me: Is it ok if I'm not there right at 6? Bringing dessert. Making it now!
Madeline: Of course it's okay. But the dessert should be here at 6. ;)
You KNOW that's how I roll!
  And thus, I made it to The Tompkins' home, cheesecake in hand, at 6:28. One of us was late! ;) The other usual suspects, Bob & Ana, Tasha, and Alexandra were already there. And Wayne was already at least 3 pizzas into his stellar performance...
A sampling from Wayne's pizza palette: prosciutto & fresh mozzarella; chicken with mole sauce; fresh pesto & mushroom; salsa fresca with carmelized onion & apples. Not pictured: honey & Sriracha sauce (aka "hot cock sauce")
  In the end, we devoured 12+ unique mini pizzas, most of Alexandra's gorgeous homemade mixed-berry pie & most of my cheesecake. We never seem to have many leftovers. And we ALWAYS have a great time!