Sunday, September 11, 2011

Really, Apple?

   I hate iTunes. The automatic file organization makes NO sense, and re-doing it manually takes forever. (My biggest issue is that the program counts something as being by a different artist, or categorizes songs as a compilation if the track features more than one performer. Case in point: Beyonce's "B'day" album, Rihanna, Timbaland, and countless others. Practically every album I own features multiple performers!!!).
   I'm in the process of fixing everything now, and accidentally hit a keyboard command that opened EVERY WINDOW in my iTunes music folder. That's thousands of windows. And no message to ask if I really meant to do that. I've been waiting for 10+ minutes as it opens windows, and the fan is running like my laptop's overtaxed and about to blow up. If it does, and if it kills me, please avenge my death...