Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blue Springs Buffalo

   Fleming Park, in Blue Springs, MO is apparently home to a breeding program for buffalo (aka bison). How I have lived in the area for 14 years and not known that is beyond me! The animals are so used to being fed apples, pears, corn, and carrots that they are docile and approach the fence when people arrive. It was tough to get good photos with them so close to the fence, and with the fence's shadows on them, but it was easy to appreciate what beautiful animals they are.
Sawako holds the pups so I can get some pics
Ready for my close-ups:
Sawako makes some new friends... and so does Aki & Taylor
   Indeed, everything was going great until Aki decided that she wanted to take on this very large bison (and why not? She's only 700-2,000 lbs. to Aki's 25 lbs.!) I think "Shiba Inu" translates to "knucklehead". To be fair, though, they were bred to hunt bear, and these big furry bison kinda look like bear. With hooves and horns. Film at 11.