Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Accidental Hike

   Today's plan for Sawako and the pups and I to attend Dogtoberfest at Fleming Park in Blue Springs, MO changed. In short, I screwed up. It wasn't today: it's tomorrow! So when we arrived at the location and all the tables and tents were empty and no one was there, I started to figure it out. D'oh!
   Undaunted by my stupidity, we found a trailhead and started a beautiful hike on this gorgeous, warm and breezy fall day.
Aki finds an exploded bird (maybe a hawk?):
We kept seeing a tall chain-link fence, and wondering who lived in it. Hmm...
Aki, Taylor and Sawako:
Any food up here for me???
One of the park's lakes:
All done with the adventure! Or are we...?