Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Cuties

   Okay, I'll admit it... I sneaked away from my creative directorial duties for a couple of hours this week so that Lynda and Karla could teach me (and a group of illustrators and lettering artists) how to do wool felting. I haven't taken a workshop at work since I became an art director... in 2004. Yikes. I may be a manger, but I'll always be an artist! And I've wanted to learn for YEARS—ever since my sister, Kelley, gave me a kit for Christmas. Which has sat in my closet unused... until now! I was also given a a Shiba kit from Japan by my dear friend Patty, as well as a bagful of Shiba-colored alpaca fiber by a friend who raises alpaca in Columbia, MO.
   I can really go to town now. My plan is to make a spooky black kitty next (an homage to my Atom) to complete this Halloween set, and then to start some Shibas. Wish me luck! I'm really, really skilled at poking my fingertips thousands of times with the needle in the process... but I think they're worth the pain.