Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shiba-proof fence?

Shibas: 9, Jen: 0
   So far all of my efforts to keep the brats from dining on raw compost have been outsmarted. The dogs have removed the clips from the back of the bin, removed the rear panel and door, pried apart the chicken wire fence and/or burrowed under it, and this week, pulled up the fence stakes meant to seal the doors. Taylor is staying fat on corn cobs and husks, vegetable peelings, banana peels, egg shells, and coffee grounds. When I mentioned this to my vet, he warned me that he has removed a couple of large corn cobs from dogs' stomachs, and to be careful. So I'm at Home Depot preparing to break out the big guns: a wrought-iron fence. It concerns me a little that it says "decorative" and not "completely f***ing impossible to conquer", but I'm going with it...