Sunday, October 23, 2011


   I think Gypsy missed me, after 48 hours alone in the house--for the first time since I adopted Atom over 12 years and 7 months ago. She greeted me at the door (like she usually does) and has followed me around all day. And I've encouaged it by giving her two helpings of the prescription canned food she loves (she was diagnosed with poor kidney function Thursday night), as well as some shrimp from the Vietnamese spring rolls I just made, and tons of love. She has been spoiled since the day I found her over 14 years ago, as a starving, feral, stray kitty. So now I'm upping the ante and she'll be spoiled on a completely different order of magnitude.
   While I was camping, Carolyn, in reference to my Shibas, quoted her grandmother: "They probably think they fell in the honey pot!" And I think that sums it up nicely. I adore these animals and would do anything for them. I cherish them for their companionship, for making me laugh, and for being an inspiration to my artwork. Just coming home to their eager, fuzzy faces makes me happy almost beyond imagination. :)