Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hiking Weston Bend State Park

   After we ate our breakfast & got up & moving this morning, we drove out to the parking lot near the Overlook and the trail heads for West Ridge and Harpst Valley. These are beautiful hikes through deep woods, with a narrow, winding trail that snakes up & down along the bluffs and the Missouri River, then circles back through a pretty valley. The loop is about 3.5 miles. I was afraid we were too late for the height of fall color, but boy, was I wrong!
   Tom marvels at the smallness & cuteness of the Shibas. (Those Shibas will follow Joe anywhere!)
   Heeeeeere, Aki! She is very good & trustworthy when offleash in wooded areas, so hiking is a special treat for her to run and explore:
   Mr. Taylor is not so trustworthy, so he stays on his leash and practically drags me the whole time, because he wants to be lead dog. Very useful on the uphill climbs, not so useful on a rocky, tree-rooted path! Hello, shaky camera!
   Carolyn took a nice family photo of us, while Maureen dangled a bag of carrots to get the dogs' attention. As you can see, the dogs soon DEMANDED to have some carrots...
The sharks are circling...
The prettiest part of the trail:
Frank makes like a monkey:
The river, finally back in its banks after this year's terrible flood:
Aki looked very proud (and also goofy) in her pack:
   Most of our group (Allyson, Scott, Lucy, Shibas & me not pictured). Joe, Renee, Maureen, Kate, Rosie, Mike, Tom, Frank & Carolyn:
   Carolyn spotted a Wooly Bear Caterpillar on the bike path (more brown is supposed to indicate a mild winter). The guys eventually become Isabella tiger moths:
Rosie looks dashing in her REI pack:
Water break!
   No idea what's going on here, but it's my favorite pic from the whole weekend!