Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picnic Lunch at the Creek

   After a fun hike, some of our crowd elected to go into Weston to have lunch, and the rest of us (Maureen, Kate, Renee, Joe, Rosie, the Shibas & me) had a picnic at the creek along the North Ridge trail. Apples, cheese & crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, and chips tasted great after our morning adventure. And the dogs were very glad to get a little more time running around like idiots on the leaf-covered creek banks.
A rare treat for Taylor: I let him off-leash!
Rosie was also off-leash, and galloped around like a wild puppy. So hilarious!
Aki and Taylor took off along the creek... with me following along:
The rest of the group stayed behind to enjoy the view:
My pups disappeared under a series of bridges at the north end:
Someone else had been here, too!
   I was genuinely worried for a bit, but after calling them, they both emerged down the bank from the picnic area again, joined me, and stopped for a drink:
   Taylor looked SO TINY in the scene. He was happy as a lark, running up and down the bank:
And in the end, they all zonked out.