Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weston Afternoon

Dog is Renee's copilot.
 Rosie, where are your legs???
   We headed briefly back to camp, then took the short drive to Weston with Renee, Joe, & the dogs in the Andriani-mobile to see the shops, more lovely autumn trees, the railroad station, and a working tobacco drying barn.
   We met three town cats; none of them were especially excited to meet the Shibas. I hurried along my way and dragged Aki with me.
   Then we bumped into a young woman on a street corner, giving away free kittens (including a tuxedo who looked just like Gypsy!). The adorableness was off the charts, yet I really have made up my mind not to get any more cats. But I'm not gonna lie, this one was tempting.
   The town was as picturesque as could be!
   After an afternoon in town, I headed back to the Overlook again to watch the sun setting over the Missouri river...