Sunday, October 9, 2011

Love is Like Life...

   I wasn't familiar with the quote above, until I saw this stunning letterpress art by my dear friends, Madeline and Diane. I recently acquired the print and have it framed in my living room. When I walked past it today, it seemed like the perfect tribute to my little buddy, Atom, who passed away tonight after a brief battle with kidney failure.
   When I went to the emergency vet to visit him tonight, he leaned into my hand and purred and purred while I rubbed his head and neck. He was glad to see me, but he hadn't eaten in nearly three days, and he didn't even try to stand up. He still looked like his sweet self, but weary. There is no question in my mind that he was ready to say good-bye. And although I was not, I knew what was best for him.
Atom, 12/31/98 - 10/9/11
I will never forget any of my pets,
nor can they ever be replaced.
Each is unique.
Each is special.
Each is treasured.
There's a huge hole in my heart today.
I love you, lil' buddy.