Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunrise Surprises

   I got moving early this morning for an intense Vinyassa class at Darling Yoga. It was my last day for the Groupon, and I wanted to make it count. As I signed in at the desk, I noticed the name before me was a woman named Sawako... Not your standard name in the Midwest! I went into the studio, laid out my mat and started stretching. Two women came in and set up across from me.
   One said, "What is it again?" And her friend answered, "Kon-ni-chi-wa." They went back and forth until the first woman pronounced it correctly. (Well, almost correctly!)
   I finally got up the nerve to say「おはようございます!」
   The Japanese woman, Sawako, did a double-take. 「ああ!日本語が話せます?」
   She looked shocked. She complimented me on my speaking and pronunciation, to which I demurred. I haven't practiced in over 3 years! Her friend jumped in, "She just moved here from Japan with her husband five months ago."
   We talked for a few more minutes, until Emily came in to lead the class. I couldn't wait to talk to Sawako some more. After 90 minutes of challenging yoga that included half moon, reversed half moon, crow, handstands and more, we finally got to meet out in the lobby.
   Sawako lived her whole life in Okinawa, which has a climate like Hawaii. She has seen snow, but never lived in a cold and snowy place. I told her about the climate, and not to believe anyone who said that Kansas City has nothing to do. I told her about some of my favorite things, including One Bite Japanese Grill, for when she has a craving for home-cooking and authentic okonomiyaki. She said she needed to practice her English, since in middle school she was taught British English, and in high school, American English. She still finds the accents confusing, though it was hard to believe considering how well she spoke. I told her I'd love to have someone to practice Japanese with too. I gave her my business card and sincerely hope that she'll get in touch. I so enjoyed talking with her!
   When I returned home, I found Bob, my next-door neighbor, mowing and mulching my front yard. I love my neighbors!!!
   It was a gorgeous day, and I was hoping for a good one. I went to pick up Atom from the vet at noon, to find out if the IV fluid treatments kicked his kidneys back in gear. Before I knew Atom was sick, Kelly and I had planned to take the pups up to Weston today for a beautiful fall hike. Today seemed too perfect and gorgeous for bad news, so I was counting on Atom to pull through...
   And so was his best buddy, Gypsy. She's been missing him ever since I dropped him at the vet yesterday morning... And following me around, clinging to me, meowing and purring incessantly. I can't sit down without her muscle-ing into my lap, even if I playfully hold her back. I could tell she would be so happy when Lil' Attie returned!