Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weston Bend State Park

   Kelly and the Shibas and I spent a late afternoon hiking in Weston, enjoying the fall colors. My heart was heavy from Atom's poor condition and I needed to escape my house, so I wouldn't feel his absence so acutely. Despite the intense summer heat and the lack of rain, the show today was spectacular. Here's the view from the overlook:
And along the trail:
Our view:
Taylor jerked the leash and made this blurry, but I like it!
There be Shibas in them thar trees!
The bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, no longer flooded:
We found leaves bigger than our heads,
one of which made a great beret.
   And not only did we enjoy the leaves, we met a giant Akita (125 lbs.!) named Kiko who was waiting for her owner's sausages to come off the grill,
dozens of frogs hiding out near the creek,
and a snapping turtle, as well as friendly people on the trails.
Dinner at Kato made it a perfect evening.