Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Zip-Line Gang

   This morning I woke up stupid-early (for a weekend), sucked down some coffee, Nicole picked me up, and we drove out to Britten & Rich's place in Oak Grove. Then we piled into Britten's car with Rich at the wheel and set out for New Florence, MO, near St. Louis. We had bought Groupons months ago for a place called Eco Zipline Tours and were finally going to use them. And just in time for the fall fireworks of color... what a perfect time to be zipping through the tree canopy of the Missouri river bluffs!
   The guys got us into our harnesses, helmets and gloves and we headed out to the zip lines. The first started on a low wooden platform, and it quickly got higher and faster from there. They sent us flying at up to 45 mph, on 10 different lines comprising over a mile of cables. The best line was 1200 feet long & 225 feet high! The entire high-flyer course took about 1.5 hrs to complete. But the time, like us, flew by.
   Having hiked about the clouds, been up in helicopters, riding in a hot air balloon, and experiencing other high places, I wasn't a bit nervous. And that didn't change even on the highest lines, when the guys were shaking the line as hard as they could, practically bouncing me off. What fun!!!
Me, Britten, Nicole, Rich, & Stacey
Our new friends, Stacy and... oh crap... sorry, friend!
WE SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!