Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soup is Good Food!

   Best bargain in town: the soup-making class at the K-State Extension Office. $15 for a 2-hour class with 12 volunteers chef ladies, each demonstrating techniques for healthy and delicious soup. Nicole went with me (and we were the youngest attendees by probably a 15 year gap), and we had a blast. AND we got to taste-test TEN freshly-made soups! Education + dinner in one. We tried pumpkin-black bean soup, Chinese, Italian sausage, Tuscan bean, cream of zucchini, quinoa, garden tomato with curry, two-bean Mexican, clean-out-the-fridge creamy soup, and Italian tortellini. Yum!
   On a side note, the woman next to me looked extremely familiar. And during the class, she leaned over and asked my name, because she thought I looked extremely familiar as well. We weren't able to pinpoint where we may have met. She has worked at a senior center for nearly 20 years, and for Meals on Wheels for eight and a half years. She had a great, dry, snarky sense of humor. "I'm learning how NOT to be when I get old!" she said. Which was funny, in part, because she was older. She kept looking at me and rolling her eyes and making hilarious comments quietly during the demonstrations, and critiqued the soups with us. What a hoot. She reminded me of my Grandmother, Adele, who never pulled any punches when it came to what was on her mind. (Maybe that's where I get it from, eh?)