Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Watch the Throne

   Well, my compact camera died recently, and my non-compact camera is too big to drag in to a concert, so I put the Blackberry cam through its paces. And while the quality is poor, at least these images give you a sense of the production value of this show, and it will help me recall how amazing it was!
   More details to come... it was an odd and awesome night, that started with a chance meeting of a woman who is basically ME at age 60+, the equally mind-blowingly good show, and the "after-party", which for me, meant being involved in a car accident. Quite a night! 
   In short, this was one of the best shows I've seen, and though their joint album hasn't been my favorite, this show helped me see how great it really is, and their solo work was extremely enjoyable, accompanied by vibrant and haunting video of vicious dogs, sharks on the hunt, big cats on the prowl, raptors soaring through the heavens, and more! Two smaller cubical stages opposite each other rose unexpectedly from the floor, and video was projected on all sides of them, as well as on the main screen. They were used to full effect for complimentary and mirrored images, often synched with the sound. Enjoy some Jay-Z and Kanye love:
Playlist (as much as I can remember!):
I can't stop (sharks)
Jesus Walks
Welcome to the Jungle (tigers, lions, panthers)
Flashing Lights
Run This Town
Made in America
Empire State of Mind
Flashing Lights
On to the Next One
All falls down
Dirt off your Shoulder
I just wanna love you
Diamonds from Sierra Leone
New day
Hard knock life
Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
Church in the wild
Gotta have it
Who gon stop me
Good Life
Touch the sky
All of the lights (restarted 3x due to technical problems; Kanye said, "Wait, wait. Hol'up! I said ALL of the lights! I just want everyone to get what they paid for!"
Big Pimpin'
Gold Digger
99 Problems
Louie armstrong's What a Wonderful World (juxtaposed with disturbing video footage, which made it very creepy! Young child in KKK uniform surrounded by proud adults, burning crosses, people donning gas masks, dogs fighting, and a mushroom cloud, among others)

And the encore: N***** in Paris, which they played about 7 times! (I know that sounds tedious, but it wasn't: they raised the energy in the arena successively and it got better & better!)