Thursday, December 1, 2011

Know what time it is?

   4:00 in the am... way, WAY too early to have to be at the airport--or anywhere other than snuggled in bed. I'm pretty sure Tahoe is going to be worth it, though!
    The problem with getting up so early is that you're up, but not really awake yet. Case in point: a man just walked into the ladies room right ahead of me! He was totally clueless, but headed in so fast that I couldn't stop him. He figured it out while he was in the stall (lack of urinals is my guess), and as I was washing my hands he made a beeline out of there!!! I mean, that guy broke from the stall like a champion race horse at the sound of the bell, and never looked back.
  Cracked me up! (Word to the wise: don't shake his hand. He didn't wash.)