Sunday, December 25, 2011

And Another Thing...

   ....that makes me insanely happy: when the people who have adopted my foster dogs give me updates! I really look forward to fostering again someday, once the craziness of my own life has subsided.
   Here is Raven, my most recent foster, and the Montgomery's. I ran into them at Shawnee Mission Park weeks ago, and was so thrilled to see how happy they were. I bet this photo made their Christmas card:
 LOVE this pic of Marissa & Raven!!!
   And here are Swifty and Scooter (Scooter is the lil' black and tan puppy I fostered this spring). David works at Hallmark, and I last saw him & his girls at Hallmark. Since Taylor was with me, it was a black & tan doppelgänger reunion! Clearly David loves Scooter as much as I did, and her sister Swifty does too!
   Renee and her family adopted Rosie & Boo from The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and they have been our hiking and camping buddies. Proof that perfect dogs can come from anywhere... all they need is the right family to love them.