Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Godsy's

   Joni and Alan generously invited me over to their home today for Christmas dinner with Alan's family. And four Border Collies. And a weenie. (Can you imagine if I had smuggled the Shibas in there? Hello, chaos! But the five dogs were well-behaved and had a blast.)
   Joni was my second supervisor at Hallmark, nearly 14 years ago, when I was still painting in season kids' cards. We hit it off due to our love of animals, the outdoors, and artwork, and sometimes I think we might actually be related...
   I brought the Santa hat & reindeer antlers that I picked up for the Hallmark photo shoot, and they were a big hit with the Borders. Joni and I both whipped out our cameras to catch the fun...
Kayla rocked the antlers like she was born with 'em!
Lil' Asher finally acquiesced to wearing the hat. Good boy!
Happy Mr. Wager is 12 years old, but handsome as ever!
Little Snoopy is tuckered out! (Look at his cute back legs!)
Aww, the guys look tuckered out too.  Chili coma!  :)
   Joni made delicious homemade chipotle chili, cheddar-jalapeno-cornbread muffins, and green bean casserole. All was so good... and especially the cream cheesy-cherry dessert. Yum! Everything was perfect: a fun, low-key, food-filled, laugh-filled, pet-filled holiday afternoon with bright sunlight streaming in the windows. They welcomed me as if I were family. Proof that even when things don't go as planned (Christmas in Ohio), good surprises await. Thanks, Joni!