Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another 3 Chicks + 7 Canines Hike!

   This afternoon, I met up with Joni and her friend, Susan, at Weston Bend State Park for a hike with Wager, Kip, Asher, Louie, Sanda, and of course, Aki and Taylor. I forgot my camera (the horror!) so I was restricted to the use of my Blackberry. Still, I managed to get a couple of fun shots of our gang:
the pack spreading out on the trail
the pups fall in line
everyone begs Susan for a post-hike refreshment
The following photos are Joni Johnson-Godsy's:
Believe it or not, the Shibas are hidden at the center of the crowd; first in line!
Wager (aka Pawsome) and me
Wager strikes a pose; everyone else ignores the camera in favor of treats