Wednesday, December 28, 2011


   Renee invited Joni and me to see "War Horse" with her and Joe tonight, and we met at Sushi House for dinner first. We were lucky to get one of the private rooms with the sliding doors, so we could laugh as hard as we wanted without disturbing the rest of the dining room. We put away teriyaki salmon, rare steak with yuzu, and several different delicious rolls. Oishii!
   We had some extra time, so we walked over to Picasso Aquatics to scare the fish with our fish breath. It's like a mini aquarium over there!
   After marveling over the fish, we walked back over to see the horse movie. It was good; I liked the battle scenes the best. The horse part was less realistic and had Spielberg's characteristic sentimentality, which didn't detract from the experience, but it did make it feel more like a movie for kids. And fortunately, we're all big kids. Thanks, guys!