Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Gift Ever: A Glimmer of Hope

   Miss Gyp ate almost a full can of tuna today. And a few small bites of the pork I cooked for dinner last night, a dollop of chicken baby food, and a handful of Three Dog Bakery's salmon treats. It's not the best food for her kidney disease, and it's not enough to sustain her, but it's progress, & I'll take whatever I can get. She has been spoiled all her life and I'll take that to whatever level is necessary to keep her happy and as healthy as possible. I can't begin to describe the joy I have from watching her eat. It really is the little things, isn't it? A good reminder to enjoy every moment. Hoping she'll be purring on my lap for a long, long time.
   I also appreciate the excellent care and attention from Dr. Rad, my vet at Red Bridge Animal Clinic. He has been calling me every day to check in on Gyp. This week he gave me his cell phone number so I could call him over the holiday if I had questions, and he even called this afternoon. It makes me feel SO good to know that her doc cares about her as much as I do.
  Since I didn't get to see my family this birthday/holiday, I only received a few (wonderful) gifts that had been shipped directly to me. And although I appreciate everything, there really is no better gift this year than the gift of time with my pets and my friends. I had at least seven generous invitations for Christmas Day dinner, and more for Christmas Eve. Kelly & I went to Hot Basil for birthday Thai food on the 23rd. We went all-out—soft spring rolls, egg rolls, crab rangoon, tiger cry steak, pad Thai, and Thai fried rice—and I'm still enjoying the leftovers!.
    Michele treated me to lunch at North with Hazel and Jasper yesterday. Hazel was drawing for me, and Jasper treated me like a human jungle gym (which I love). I'm reminded of the time he asked his parents, "Is Jen a kid or a grown-up?" That's some good ambiguity!
Jasper & Hazel helped me blow out my birthday candle...
And were happy to help me eat my treat: butterscotch sweet creme with sea salt!
   Renee contacted me today to invite me, the Shibas; Joni, Wager, Kip & Asher; and Brett and Sam to go hiking at Shawnee Mission Park tomorrow afternoon. All of it adds up to me being very grateful for my Kansas City "family."
   Hallmark's brand campaign this year, "Life is a special occasion," inspires me to treasure the little moments and appreciate the good in life. Merry Christmas, everyone!