Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Eve

My awesome staff surprised me with a ton of treats this morning! They were all waiting in my office to surprise me as I walked in from the vet's office. After having received poor news about Gypsy, making me realize that I was going to have to cancel my plane ticket to stay home & care for her, eat the $180 airline fee, and worse--disappoint my family, and spend my birthday and Christmas alone. So, of course, as they joyously wished me a Happy Birthday, I did the only natural thing: I burst into tears. And not just little tears, more like rolling-down-the-cheeks, choking, racking my body tears. Hey, I'd held it together all morning, and it was all I could handle.
Later I was able to compose myself & thank everyone, and of course I really did appreciate it, I just wish it could have been under entirely happy circumstances. The best I can hope for is Bittersweet Birthday this year.