Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Lord, please give me a friggin' BREAK!

   Gypsy seemed to be improving since her teeth were extracted last Friday morning. Little by little, she has started eating again, to my relief. And then about 30 minutes ago, while she was contentedly snoozing and purring on my lap, I noticed something very strange. As I rubbed her neck, it felt like her skin was loose, with air beneath it. It felt crinkly like a paper bag, and I can literally hear it crinkling. I've never heard of anything like it, so I called my vet to leave a message, letting them know I plan to stop by first thing in the morning.
   As I continued rubbing her (and she continued to purr... she didn't seem upset or in pain), I began to worry that this might be something more serious, and called the emergency vet. I knew they'd be reluctant to discuss her condition over the phone, and I had to talk them into letting me speak with a vet tech. Finally, the receptionist acquiesced, and I spoke with Julie.
   Julie said it sounded strange, and the only thing she'd heard of like it would be subcutaneous emphysema, in which the trachea is torn during a procedure, allowing air to leak under the skin. She didn't think this was likely since it has been nearly a week since the extraction, but after we hung up, I got more suspicious. I think Julie might have been exactly right!
   So now I'm here trying to make a decision: since Gypsy is acting normal, do I try to hold out 'til tomorrow morning? Or rush her to the e-vet now? I'm banking on the former, mostly because I have little left in the bank from the 3 trips to the e-vet I've already made this year, for other pets. If she seems in pain or starts struggling in any way, I'll be in the car in a heartbeat. But I'm holding out hope for the time being...