Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deja vu

   Eating pad Thai in the car again, on the way up to Northstar. Just like the intermission during my hiking adventure in the Columbia Gorge last week!
   We rented a Ford Escape from Avis this morning and are on the road. I am so thankful to be going to Northstar today & tomorrow, since they have many more open runs that suit my skill level. My big learning from this trip: careful booking early in the season when there may not be much snow, and if you do, go someplace with a ton of green & blue runs on which to play.
   My goal for today is to work on the basics: simple, tight serpentines of toe- & heel-side down the slopes, building up speed and building up to steeper inclines. If I nail that in the next two days, I'll be in good shape o finish out at Heavenly on Tuesday & Wednesday... Wish me luck!