Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lake Tahoe, Day 4

   This morning we checked the ski report for Heavenly & confirmed that no additional runs had opened up. So we rented a car and headed up to Northstar. We had breakfast (oatmeal and fruit) but I guess I must be burning extra calories by working out several hours a day... I'm ALWAYS hungry! So I ate my leftover pad thai in car on way.
   We got a noon start at Northstar and I spent the majority of my time on Skid Trail, taking it to Lumberjack (both greens). There were some steep spots, but these runs offered great opportunities for me to practice linking my turns. I had to consciously weight my front foot, lean forward over my board, thrust my hip forward, and use my gaze to point my direction, hip and shoulder aligned. When I was able to do all that, I had some great, long stretches of time where I just coasted, then alternately got more aggressive and sped things up. So fun.
   I still had a number of tumbles, but much less today, so I was really pleased with my progress. Fingers crossed that another day at Northstar will set me up for the last day and a half of the trip, at the hellish Heavenly...
   I finished up as the lifts closed at 4:00, coasted down to the gondola base, and dismounted. I had a great conversation with Gary and Anastasia, a Northstar employee and Epic Mix photographer, respectively. I am amazed at how helpful and friendly all the employees are--at Northstar, Heavenly, and even in Breckenridge back in March! The resorts seem to attract the best and brightest consistently, & it makes the experience that much more fun. Kudos to them!
   Along those lines, Brett and Rafael have been great travel companions; very fun and flexible, and we've gotten along great. I feel very lucky to know them!
   So, famished, we had dinner at the Chocolate Bar in the Village. I devoured my share of honey-bbq chicken wings, and then a flatiron steak with broccoli and a heaping helping of sweet potato fries, all drizzled with balsamic glaze. YUM.
   Then we drove home, stopping at the grocery store for some provisions for tomorrow. A couple glasses of wine and again, I was out like a light. Turns out that hours & hours of exercise + good meals + early sunsets makes you tired.