Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dinner Experiment

   Some of dishes that Britten concocted last night inspired me to come up with my own version tonight, so I stopped at Trader Joe's this afternoon to procure the ingredients. Roasted pork cutlets with sweet & spicy chili sauce and matchstick Granny Smith apple & mango (this would make a great wrap with Romaine lettuce too); fresh tofu with ginger-soy gyoza dressing, and purple potato latkes with spicy peanut sauce. For dessert, Mary Ann's homemade Texas sheet cake. Kinda fun to play without a playbook and cross your fingers, and everything was soooo good... I'll make this one again for sure!
   Reminds me of a quote I read this week that I love, from one of my favorite chefs, who just happens to be local. And a genius: "Expectations are the death of pure experience."  — Jonathan Justus