Sunday, December 18, 2011

Temptation, thy name is Flatlanders

   Dropped off my board to get a full tune-up, with the Swix F4 wax Brett recommended. (FYI, Brett, if this stuff is too fast & I break my neck, I'm breaking yours too, buddy!) And while I was waiting for the guys to give me an ETA, I was talking to Lindsey (who remembered my NAME—and I haven't seen her since at least March or April! Surprisingly, the guy in the back remembered me from when I came in to buy my boots & bindings. Talk about customer service!), and she recommended some small ski resorts, Chestnut in Illinois, and Sundown in Iowa. And she's holding a coat for me that I think will please my ski buddies... it's BRIGHT yellow-green. And it's on super sale. And I don't really need it, but I WANT it.... darn you, Flatlanders!!! Why must you be awesome???